Interview with the secretary of the International Clean Hands’ Painting Competition

Children play a huge role in the health of society. Mohammad Hassan Aalami, the secretary of the International Clean Hands’ Painting Competition, said: "Culture through art plays an important role in personal and social health".

According to Khorasan Razavi’s Public Relations of Intellectual Development for Children and Adolescents, Mohammad Hassan Aalami who is a pediatric infectious disease specialist, and the head of Imam Reza Hospital's Infectious Disease Control Center and scientific secretary of International Clean Hands’ Painting Competition said: hygiene of the hands is the best way in preventing infectious diseases and breaking the chain of transmission and infection’s control; more than 80% of infections are prevented by hand hygiene.
Hand hygiene is part of our national and religious culture. Many factors, including respiratory viruses, especially Corona, are transmitted through infected hands. Washing hands with soaps containing alcohol or water and soap can kill the organism. Washing with alcohol for 1 to 2 seconds, and soap and water for one minute will prevent germs from spreading.
"Children play a huge role in social health," the science secretary added. Many of the factors that cause the epidemics are widely spread through preschools or schools.
Influenza epidemics usually start at schools. Student’s health education, especially hand hygiene, has a major role in promoting social health. Students can play the role of health messengers at home and pass on their education to parents and other children in the family.
Dr. Alami noted about the importance of children's participation in the painting competition: "When a student enters a painting competition about hand hygiene, it actually involves other family members." Painting about saving people’s lives with clean hands is a message of health that spreads in the family and in society.
the Head of the Infectious Disease Control Center at Imam Reza Hospital in Mashhad on the importance of hand hygiene in the world stated that every two years the International Congress of Infectious Diseases is held in Geneva, Switzerland, which hand hygiene is one of the important topics of the congress.
Similar congresses are held in other countries, including Iran. On the sidelines of the ICPIC Geneva International Congress on Infectious Diseases, a video contest on hygiene is being held, which proves the importance of this issue.
At the end, Mohammed Hassan Alami declared that now that the Corona virus has forced all the children to stay at home all around the world, it is the best way to overcome the disease and prevent the spread of infection is hand hygiene, and clean hands’ painting is life savior, fun, creative, and heal the family together.

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