International Children's Painting Competition Entitled “Clean Hands”

  1. The call for an international competition for children and adolescent painting titled "Clean Hands, Save Lives" was published by the Khorasan Razavi’s Children and Adolescent Intellectual Development Center
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    According to the Public Relations office and International Affairs of the Kanoon, with the prevalence of Corona virus in Iran and many countries around the world, the issue of personal hygiene and hand washing is becoming more important these days, and medical and health professionals are taking health care into account as one of the most important factors interrupting the transmission cycle of the virus
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    Accordingly, Khorasan Razavi’s Children and Adolescent Intellectual Development Center organized an international painting competition for children and adolescents with cooperation of the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and the Geneva University Hospitals Infectious Disease Control Center, as a partner of the World Health Organization (WHO) with the aim of promoting in the field of individual and collective health.
  4. The theme of this competition is "My Hands’ Hygiene" (clothes, toys, snacks, family, friends, home, the city and the world I live in) and "The hands that care about my health (including father, mother, doctor and those who work for Child’s health activities)
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    According to this report, children and young adults ages 4 to 18 can upload their 50x70 cm. paintings with free technique on the national and international sections from Esfand, 25th, 1398 (March, 15th, 2020) on the Kanoon’s web portal in competition section page
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  7. The deadline for submitting the work to the competition in the national section is Ordibehesht, 31st, and in the international section is Tir, 25th, 1399 (July, 15th, 2020)
    Also, only one single work is accepted from each person. No group work will be accepted.
    Based on this call, the due for judgment is the beginning of Mordad (1399) (July, 2020), and the announcement of the results is Mordad, 15th, 1399 (August, 2020).
    The national winners of the competition are to be awarded the National Honor Diploma, Competition Badge, Bike and Books, and the international winners are to be awarded the International Honor Diploma, Competition Badge and Books.
    The call for the competition is also available in Persian, English and Arabic on Children and Adolescent Intellectual Development Center’s website:
    In recent days, the World Health Organization has
    announced this virus as a "global epidemic disease" in light of its widespread prevalence.